Introduction to Good Morning Scribe

Volume I


     If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you are interested in spiritual subjects such as: Angels, Energy, Crystals, Healing, Mediumship, Sacred Flames or Rays, Light and Love.  If so, you are reading the right kind of book.  I have been studying subjects in this realm for many years, yet I still consider myself very much a student on a path of learning, growing and becoming.


     Over the past 30-something years, I’ve received occasional “downloads” of information from higher vibrational beings of the non-physical realm.  I describe it as being bonked in the head with a block of knowledge.  In the early days, I didn’t know what to do with this amazing information, but instinctually I understood its importance.


     Seeking to improve upon my connection to these vibrational beings, I started taking more classes in mediumship and meditation, as well as, attending workshops about accessing higher consciousness.  I also started to involve myself with devotional practices of gratitude.  Making these devotions daily over the past four years has helped me in expanding my vibrational capacity; allowing me to be open towards receiving messages with a greater understanding.


     After years of asking for spiritual entity to mentor me, I got an introduction to Ray-Ah-Nah and on February 2nd, 2019, I started scribing the messages they dictated to me.  The messages come clearly and are overwhelmingly comforting and uplifting.  Not to overwhelm me, the messages started out as a few sentences here and there.  After a bit of time, the words just flowed, sometimes filling up to six written pages at a time.  That is not a set limit, for as long as I am willing to sit and write, they will find words and subjects for me to write about.





     Ray-Ah-Nah introduced themselves to me as an entity comprised of approximately 1252 souls.  Some of those souls are ones that had completed their life cycles on Earth.  Others have not experienced a human life because they are from different dimensions, harmonizing on a vibrational level.  Together, they have a specific mission to interact and assist those of us who have the desire to communicate with them.  Together they are here to teach and learn.


     My understanding is that they operate as a hive mind, however different aspects of them may come forward to offer their specific gifts of wisdom and dimensional understanding.  During the past few months that I have been scribing, I have become aware that I have been granted access to different types of vibrations and messages.  Much gratitude to the entity that has been my guide and mentor, Ray-Ah-Nah for starting me on this mission.


     Different energies emerged as my capacity to those vibrations grew, allowing me to connect to the divine lights of:  Sananda/Jesus, Archangel Michael, Elohim Vista with Divine Complement Virginia, Elohim Arcturus with Divine Complement Victoria and Elohim Grace.   It has been a learning experience in studying the subtle vibrational differences of functional personality among these sacred rays.  I am thrilled to share what I learned and will give more explanations and descriptions of these differences later in the book.


     I stand in gratitude for this path and function as the scribe of the information contained within these pages.  I am humbled and completely uplifted by this continuing experience and look forward to sharing more with you.


Stay Tuned!